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Date last reviewed: 19 Oct 2018

Date next review: 25 Aug 2020 !

Originally, from Liverpool, Alan grew up on the music of the Spinners and has never really recovered from that. In the sixties folk boom his musical career started as second reserve guitarist to a school folk group and has gone steadily downhill from there. Picking up his guitar after a long break he was faced with a choice of national humiliation on "Britain's Got Talent" or the relative obscurity of Morley Folk Club, he chose Morley and teamed up with Keith in the hope that one or other of them would be able to remember the words."

The two can be seen basking in self-humiliation at the Morley United Service Club on the first and third Tuesday in the month.

In the unlikely event that you should want to book this pair of senile reprobates you can contact Alan by email on or better still why not come and see this monumental last living link with a bye-gone error at Morley Folk Club.










MorleyFolk are respectively Keith Brown (Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin & Tenor Banjo) and Alan Street (Vocals, Guitar and G-Banjo). They are the resident duo at the successful Morley Folk Club. A large part of their repertoire is instrumental (in damaging the audience sanity) and between them, they have an extensive list of both contemporary and traditional songs. The two met and soon after teamed up when the Morley Folk club opened in February 2010. Since then, the regulars, in a mindset induced by Franz Anton Mesmer, have followed them avidly with a bucket and shovel!

Keith began his disturbingly long association with folk on the east coast in the 1960s, being a son of the Grimsby folk club run by John Conolly and Bill Meek. In the 1970s and early 80s he ran the Louth and Cleethorpes folk clubs working with some of the east coast bands such as Lowland Folk, Shoreline, Jacks Maggot, Solid Oak and Green Linnet who fortunately have not been heard of in Yorkshire. Keith managed to cover his tracks fairly well as thankfully none of them have ever been recorded!